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I'm Ashley. I'm emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters and I have a lot of unimportant feelings that are tucked away in my tags. And when in doubt, I'm probably being sarcastic. This is a grossly multifandom blog so I am sorry in advance.

i’m so fucking mad at marvel just give tony stark to the people on tumblr who obviously understand him a lot better than you 

“Tony Stark has always possessed an inner darkness — now he’s unleashing it on the world.”

are you fucking shitting me rn marvel 616 tony stark is is kind, generous, and selfless and you’re stripping him of his humanity and what makes him a hero for what, a cheap ploy for people to buy the books???? This is lazy storytelling, lazy marketing and an insult to the character.

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but no! he’s a malicious asshole, envious that someone might be more intelligent than he is, selling his friends for a bottle of alcohol, and only caring about his own well-being!!! (as brought to us by hulk vs iron man)

fuck you, marvel. this is not tony. this is not original or ground-breaking, this is bullshit.

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steve rogers was an irish-american with disabilities growing up in 30s new york in a gay neighborhood and some people actually believe he would be conservative


Tony, drawn in PS

so i started picking through avengers comics and i read like the first 10 from vol 1 yesterday and it’s cool don’t get me wrong

but if i have to hear them put down and dismiss jan for being a woman one more time i’m gonna choke a bitch


what if the avengers spend the entire movie fighting ultron and they never get the upper hand and things are lookin’ pretty dire for them and then at the very last second pepper potts shows up and blows him up and then turns around and goes “that was okay, right? that was the bad robot? okay just checking”


Chris Pratt, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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